Easyvend is used for vending Sanitary Napkins by inserting a Coin. It is highly used for immediate access of napkins to meet the menstrual emergencies. Our machines are manufactured to international standards with the finest materials and proven through performance. It is economical and does not consume energy. No worries even if there is no power.
Easyvend makes your life normal and tension free even during those days. It provides napkin right in your hand wherever you are in need. Just drop a coin, pick a napkin.
Enjoy your puberty, feel proud to be a women.

11,000.00 8,850.00

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Dimension520 x 260 X 430 (LBH)
Battery BackupNot Available
ConstructionConstructed with epoxy coated sheet metal
Loading CapacitySpring Loading Mechanism / 46 napkins
Loading StyleHorizontal
Currency value5 or Token or Free
Dispensing rateDispense one napkin at a time.
Mounting typeWall mounting unit
Load inspectionTo view the napkin availability
Coin collectionRemovable coin collection box inside the unit
WarrantyOne Year